VarioCooking Center


Do you boil pasta? The VarioCooking Center MULTIFICIENCY® will automatically fill itself with water and bring it to boiling point in record time. The concentrated power of the VarioBoost  heating system means that it keeps bubbling away even when the pasta is loaded. The integrated cooking intelligence will monitor the cooking process for you and the food is lifted out at the right time, automatically. And it’s not just Pasta! Rice is cooked perfectly and vegetables retain their firm bite and colour.

VarioCooking Control , the built-in cooking intelligence, will call you when it needs you, such as to turn a steak, deglaze the casserole or if your béchamel sauce is ready. The cooking process will always be specifically tailored to the food. Whatever the size of the product, large or small, or the amount, your cooking results are always perfect. VarioCooking Control  is the ideal support for your daily work. It relieves you from time-consuming routine tasks such as regulating the temperature or monitoring the cooking.

Whatever dish you are preparing, you always have the right appliance!

With the VarioCooking Center MULTIFICIENCY® you can boil, sear, braise, fry, deep fry, cook at low temperatures, confit, sous-vide… without supervision, without burning or sticking, and without having to cope with the stress of pots and pans.

Precise cooking

Pink duck breast, golden brown rostis, perfectly cooked fried eggs, delicious omelettes or paper-thin pancakes… the classics.

The cooking process is automatically monitored, so that even sensitive products are browned perfectly to your taste, without losing juices or burning.

Fast searing without drawing out juices

The VarioCooking Center MULTIFICIENCY® unit‘s variable power reserve increases the searing capacity by more than 40% compared to conventional bratt pans. The meat juices do not seep out, which ensures better food quality and up to 17% less loss of weight.

Amazing sensitivity

The heat is gently transferred to the product to be cooked, and permanently monitored by the VarioCooking Control®, the integrated cooking intelligence. Desserts don’t burn, milk doesn’t boil over.

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