This service is available from Tec Line, Equip Line’s authorised Service Provider, 7 days a week.

Tec Line offer Emergency Field Breakdown Service and Preventive Maintenance contracts whether under warranty or not, and either are sure to be a ‘life saver’ when your equipment malfunctions.

Equip Line prides itself on the quality of equipment manufacturers, but breakdowns can never be totally avoided with any type of mechanical equipment: as a result and this technical repair service is available to our customers the whole year – every day, with the only exception being Christmas Day.

Should your equipment fail outside regular working hours Monday-Friday (9am – 5.30pm) you will be greeted by a telephone answering machine which asks you for details of the problem, your name and location and of course which item you have. Rest assured that listening to these messages is the first job the following morning and you will hear from the service team rapidly.

To our customers, we are like another emergency service. Rapid responses and realistic prices.