The countertop 13 amp unit offers simplicity and versatility.

Many operators want to serve the Ubiquitous Chips/Fries/Wedges but are often can’t.

It could be premises limitations, or maybe the landlord won’t permit deep fat fryers, or there’s insufficient extraction, or limited power availability.

Here’s the answer to overcome most, if not all, of these obstacles limiting your profits.

The model GF11D solution offers the potential to expand your menu giving customers many of the most popular food-on-the-go items.

In addition to the potato products mentioned, think Sweet Potato Fries; Pizzas–traditional or Skinny; breaded Mozzarella Sticks, Spring Rolls; Samosas; Onion Rings; Chicken Nuggets; Fish Fingers; Scampi; Hot Dogs; grilled corn cobs; and more.

For an on-trend offer to meet individual customer preferences in this rapidly changing food world, a simple way to meet these diverse demands is to use separate cook drawers:

  • Vegan – use a brown handled drawer
  • Vegetarian – use a green handled drawer
  • Meat or other Animal Protein products – use a black handled drawer

There is minimal potential for cross contamination: the searing high heat from the forced hot air, plus radiant heat, plus the elevated perforated drawer system, reduces particulates which are burned off, and the effective hot air movement ensures hot air reaches every corner for speedy results.

Programmable Touch Pad controls allow one-touch operation and up to 15 pre-programmed menu items.

Ease of use and simplicity of operation means just about anyone can quickly become familiar and be producing your menu within minutes.

Used extensively in the Prison service, these compact and fast hot air units are now making headway into the high street and brewery markets.

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