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All manufacturers guidelines (products section) and information derived from those guidelines are subject to revision by the manufacturers without prior notice.

Privacy Policy

The details of this document relate to the use of information collected by us from users of the web site. These items are:

  • Personal & Company Information
  • Use of Cookies
  • IP Addresses

Personal & Company Information

Any personal or company information collected by this site for any purpose is treated as confidential. We shall not use it for any purpose other than for our own marketing where you give us permission to do so. We do not and will not share this information with anybody else for any reason. If you have registered your details with us through our site, you may request to have this information removed from our databases at any time. Email us here to have your details removed from our site.

Use of Cookies

When you register with us here with either your company or personal information, we make a cookie on your computer to identify you on your return visits. This cookie contains only the information that you specify to us and is set to expire after a period of 365 days after you last visit us. You may delete this cookie as you wish, however you will need to then log in rather than be detected automatically by our site. Cookies must be enabled on your browser to use the registration features such as Product Favourites, Info Request, and Testimonials. Should you have cookies disabled then these features will not work. For more information on how to enable cookies, visit About Cookies from Microsoft.

IP Addresses

Every computer used to browse our site sends along with the request for pages a unique number which identifies you. This number, while not used for any reason by this site or ourselves is logged on the server that hosts our site. While we will not usually request any of this information from our hosting provider, it is available to us should we need to do so. Possible reasons for requesting this infromation are in case of, but not limited to;

  • Malicious use of this site or its server
  • Profanities or prejudiced comments posted to the site through the testimonials section
  • Any other reason which we deem fit to do so

We appreciate that this information is sensitive, and again will not disclose it to anyone else, with the exception of any instance when our terms are breached. The relevant authorities will be notified should we deem the instance of the breach is sufficient.

Should you require any further clarification of these terms, you can email us here.


The copyright information set out in this document relates to trade marks (™), copyrights (©), and registered items (®) which are applicable to the local laws within the United Kingdom and other countries worldwide.

No user of this site, for any reason either professional or personal shall have the right to copy, alter, redistribute or lend any of the information, pictures, or code of any part of this site including it’s content to anybody else without the express permission of the owner.

All trade marks and copyrights registered to Equip Line, Tec Line are ownde wholy and exclusivley by Equip Line or Tec Line, including but not limited to; logos, product images, branding and web site design.

Other manufacturers registered items and trade marks used on this site are owned wholy by their respective owners.

All images on this site including those taken by their respective manufacturers are used with permission.

Any breach of the local or international copyright laws relating to the images, text or code of the Equip Line site is prohibited by your local or international laws.

Should you have any questions relating to the terms of the Copyright Information detailed in this document, you can call or email us with your concerns.