Turbo Deli Rotisserie 8 Programmable

The Turbo Deli Rotisserie is the fastest original rotisserie in the industry. The TDR’s cavity is fed with air, cooking a rotisserie chicken as
it is meant to be: crispy and delicious while maintaining an attractive appearance for hours.

The TDR pushes the air throughout the cavity, resulting in an improved heat transfer on the products and consequently in a reduced electricity consumption during the preparation process.

Thanks to eco-cooking the TDR saves an additional 5% on energy. Add to this the improved heat transfer on the products and a fast preparation process and you have yourself the most energy-ef cient rotisserie with a high output.

The Cook Correction Technology corrects alterations in the cooking cycle that are due to half-loads, overloads, or products with a difference in temperature. It measures abnormalities in the temperature curve and corrects the cycle automatically, ensuring food-safety and energy-ef cient cooking.


Top features

  • Controls with programmable settings
  • 99 programs with up to 3 cook stages per program
  • Efficient heat transfer reduces energy consumption
  • Cook correction to control food safety
  • Eco-cooking, saves on energy consumption

Standard characteristics

  • 8 Meat fork or V-spit positions, 7 basket or rack positions
  • Rotor for up to 40 chickens (1.2 kg) per batch
  • USB connection for easy transfer of data and programs
  • Boost functionality to add extra time
  • Outstanding food quality: high-speed convection for even cooking
  • Outstanding food quality: radiant heat for uniform browning
  • Striking cooking theatre due to large glass surface and brilliant


  • Safety stop when opening the door
  • No water and drain connections needed


  • Meat forks (included)
  • Multi-purpose baskets
  • V-spits and chicken racks
  • Matching stand on castors


  • Double stacked unit
  • Pass-through (upon request)
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