Tandoor Ovens

Beech tandoor ovens are the most advanced in the world.

Traditionally charcoal fired, these tandoors are also available as gas fired. Beech has the only electric tandoor available in the world with a full Maritime CE Rating (ie for ships, not CE for landside). Barrel tandoors are favoured by most interior designers however round and square shaped tandoors are also available. While a variety of finishes are available all tandoors have an inner clay pot. Removable roti’s/sarj’s are also available for Beech tandoors for easier naan bread cooking.

Beech tandoors are preferred by chefs around the world in leading restaurants, luxury hotels and cruise liners for their superior performance, energy efficiency and longevity.


Features & Options

  • Option of 2 internal diameters 500mm (1.6ft) and 700mm (2.3ft)
  • Traditional ceramic or mild steel cooking surfaces
  • 3 standard external pot shapes: Round, Square or Barrel shaped
  • Fuel types: charcoal, or gas.
  • TSQ Square Units are clad in Stainless Steel and include castors for easy cleaning or on request can be fitted with adjustable legs.
  • Ready to operate – no further construction work required.
  • Fully insulated.
  • All accessories available including removable roti/sarj cook tops
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