Multi Deck 100 Premium 3-level

Heated grab-and-go display warmer with 3 presentation levels and a width of 100 cm.

Placing impulse food products near checkouts has proven to be a successful strategy in today’s grab-and-go market. With the Fri- Jado Multi Deck, your customers can pick up delicious, hot, pre-packaged snacks and meal solutions practically anywhere in the store.

Hot air is blown from the front of the shelf and circulates within the shelf surface resulting in optimum air circulation around the hot product.

As the Multi Deck has limited height it can easily be installed as an aisle end or integrated in your deli department without blocking your customers’ view. The large glass surface and lighting on each shelf draw extra attention to your products, boosting impulse sales.

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Top features

  • Self-serve heated Multi Deck display unit
  • Illuminated changeable sign at top and price strips on each shelf • Changeable price strips on each shelf
  • Safety lighting on each level
  • Innovative air ow technology: consistent holding temperature
  • Boosts impulse sales

Standard characteristics

  • 100 cm wide – 3 level display
  • Product temperature maintained at 65-70°C
  • Ideal for chicken, wraps, snacks, soups etc.
  • Upright design saves space
  • Total display capacity of 1.323 m2
  • Footprint of 0.8 m2
  • Shatter-resistant clear side glass for optimum safety and insulation • Saves up to 20% on energy by air-curtain technology on each shelf • Safe holding temperature for up to four hours
  • Angled shelves provide optimum product visibility
  • Cross-merchandising capabilities
  • Front bumpers to protect from shopping carts
  • Solid back as standard
  • 98% recyclable (environmentally friendly)
  • Plug-and-play
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