Dial A Cup Dispensers

Protect margins and the health of customers with a low-cost, effective system to dispense cups and lids. Dial-A-Cup by Antunes cuts down on waste and prevents the spread of germs by dispensing cups and lids one at a time. With no more unused cups and lids piled on the counter or thrown in the rubbish, each and every beverage sale can generate the maximum amount of profit.

The Dial-A-Cup system features a one-size fits all concept that can hold paper foam, paper, and plastic cups and dis-pense them one at a time. The easily adjustable collar on the dispensers can fit cups ranging from the smallest to the largest.

These individual dispensers can be mounted vertically, horizontally, or overhead. Models are available with a stainless look collar as well as with metal clips that do not leave marks or imprints on paper foam cups. Dispensers are also available in prearranged stainless steel cabinets. Cabinets are available in a variety of con gura- tions, including individual compartments for straws and lids, to accommodate operations of all sizes.

All DACS and LS products include a 90-day warranty.


The Dial-A-Cup beverage cup dispensers are really innovative and effective products. Install any-which-way – Vertical down, vertical up, horizontal; in stainless steel housing, with or without cup/lid/spoon/condiment sections – we’ve got it all covered.

Of the thousands sold in the UK, only 1 failure in 16 years. 2 models with cup size sthat can simply be ‘dialed’ using finger and thumb to set the aperture size to your specific cup. Cup Lip Sizes from 8-32oz, 32-64oz. The simple Dial means you can change your cup sizes as frequently as you wish – and although not guaranteed because cup specifications can change – Dial A Cup units will dispense most types of cup: plastic, or waxed paper – but please specify if polystyrene.

  • New adjustment design.
  • Suitable for paper foam, paper, or plastic cups.
  • Can be mounted vertically, horizontally, or overhead.
  • Available for countertop use.
  • Stainless steel construction for long life.
  • LS series available with lid and straw dispenser.
  • New DAC-5 and DAC-10 models available with metal clips that do not leave marks or imprints on paper foam cups.
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