As Host, for this particular event Equip Line is featuring the latest NIECO JetFLOW Conveyor CharBroiler, the goal being to demonstrate how to simplify production of many Quick-Service and Fast Food items using automated char-broiling technology.

As a memory-jogger the terminology ‘Broiling’ describes the process of simultaneously using top and bottom heat to cook foods quickly whilst simultaneously retaining moisture, a method perfected by NIECO over the past 40 years.

This method allows foods such as Steaks and Specialty Burgers that usually take between 6 to 10 minutes or more to cook (with variable results) the updated combination technology means we are now able to cook in 2-5 minutes thus retaining more moisture, and offer the means of achieving consistency in temperature control to satisfy stringent HACCP requirements, preserve the quality of foods, and offer enhanced finishes.

So although we still cook the traditional Fast Food IQF burgers in around 1min 45secs, operators now have the added benefit that the latest JetFLOW models will also cook a variety of other proteins such as marinated Chicken breasts/pieces, Koftas, Lamb or Pork steaks, Chicken Tikka (and credible boneless Tandoori chicken pieces), tomato halves, mushrooms, Mediterranean vegetables, fat frankfurters, sweet corn ears, onions.

Another development by Nieco was the Incendalyst now accepted worldwide as the foremost means to capture and clean up to circa 90% of broiler emissions of particulate matter (helps keep ducting clean) and reduces aromas.

There is almost always a unit available for demonstrations at our Uxbridge facility so if you are unable to make one of our Open Kitchen Live days, please call to arrange a private demonstration – and bring your own food so that you can truly see for yourself the benefits we could bring by streamlining your production, this added to the increased quality of product and consistency of temperatures, would add directly to your profitability.

Please call 01894 272236 to arrange a date/time