This is a simple and fast way of getting replacement parts through the mail by overnight carrier that do not require installation by our qualified engineers.

Spare Parts

Spare or mechanical parts often require installation by a qualified engineer. If you have an engineer to hand who is capable of performing the repair / upgrade you are more than welcome to purchase the part and have your engineer do the work necessary.

In many instances this is a fast and effective way to get simple fixes completed however; in this case it is always best to call our team to check that there will be no infringement to either the manufacturers’ warranty or if you have it, the Tec Line Preventive Maintenance Contract.

Optional Accessories

Some items such as certain optional accessories and mechanical parts can often be posted to you. We use recorded delivery for all of our Parts by Post, to assure you and us both peace of mind.

Larger items which do not require engineer presence can also be sent in this way.

Often, a part can be dispatched very quickly and delivered sooner than you might think. If it’s in stock we will endeavour to get it to you as soon as possible.