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JF61 Automatic Broiler

More flavor with less energy means more profits for the restaurant operators.

Nieco’s JF61 is a fully automatic, single lane, single belt broiler featuring the new patented BroilVection™ hybrid broiling technology. The compact size of the JF61 was developed with low volume and kiosk locations in mind.


  • Delicious Charbroiled Flavor and Color
  • Energy Savings
  • No Burner Replacement

Perfect For

Gas or electric broiling in confined spaces

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  • Patented BroilVection™ Technology
  • Multi-Product Control
  • Automatic FeederCompact Design


  • Natural Gas
  • Propane
  • Electric


  • Incendalyst™ Emission Control Catalyst
  • Spare Parts Kit
  • Quick Disconnect Gas Hose
  • Warming Element

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