Charcoal Grill Ovens

Beech Ovens offer a series of Charcoal Grills. Our char grills are a radical departure from conventional designs and improve on nearly every feature this type of grill can offer.

A range of sizes are available for Beech’s rectangular and round grills.

For clients looking to add extra excitement and flare to their kitchen Beech Ovens recommends viewing its range of specialty grills including the theatrical Magic Fish Grill, Diamond Grill and Octagonal Grill. Beech Ovens also offer a range of popular traditional grills including churrascos, parillas, Argentinean fire pits, robatas, teppanyaki and shawarmas.

Gas versions are not currently available in the UK.



  • Excellent cooking of all meat, chicken, fish or vegetables.
  • Charcoal fuel.
  • All grills (except the circular grills) include a rear chicken rack for second tier cooking.
  • Grill plates have adjustable height.
  • Grill plates remove easily for cleaning.
  • Reinforced SS frame and fully insulated SS body.
  • Use of superior materials gives more consistent thermal distribution throughout the grill.
  • Exceptional thermal efficiency.
  • Smoking chips can be placed onto the drip tray of the gas grills to add flavour.
  • 12 month warranty.


  • Optional tray race sections.
  • Full custom design service available or standard models can be modified with the additional features such as fish rotisseries over the grill.
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